Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Thoughts on Tent Camping

As a kid, we went camping and I loved it. The atmosphere, the campground, the food, and the fire. Never did I mind sleeping in a tent, on the ground.

This is where we stayed last weekend:

We didn't have the smallest tent; but neither did we have the largest. It proved to be rain-proof, always a good thing, and had no lingering smells from the last time it was used.

It is a 7' x 7' tent that fits a Hubs and a Feather and a 60-pound dog very cozily. It is tall enough that I can almost stand up and turned out to be a great tent. My main concern was that Ransom would be up at every noise, and there were plenty of noises. From crickets chirping to some party-campers, to the coyotes howling - there was plenty to keep us awake.

However, the noises were the least of my troubles. We realized we didn't have sleeping bags when it was too late. So I packed up 4 blankets: 2 for cushioning and 1 for each of us to keep us warm. We kept warm - no problem. However, the other 2 blankets did little for cushioning.

In my old age (I am almost 26 you know), I realize I can no longer, and will no longer, sleep on the solid ground. Numerous times (I stopped counting after 10) I woke up stiff in the position I was sleeping and slowly creaked my back to a new position. Days later, my body is still stiff.

The tent next door to us had cots and egg crates. They slept well.

I still love camping. It is still fun, although a lot more work now that I am putting all the stuff together, and it is very relaxing. I still don't mind tent camping. It doesn't bother me to sleep outside protected by only a tent with a zipper door.

But before I camp again, I will most definitely have an air mattress of some sort.

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