Monday, September 7, 2009


I love a good bargain. It thrills me to come home and report to Hubs how much money I saved, not spent.

On Friday, Hubs came home with a bargain story of his own.

In our efforts to eat healthier, our food budget has increased and now includes protein bars, and few other various supplements. During the first week of the month, GNC takes 20% off of their products if you have their card. So, Hubs went to stock up on one of the items we use.

While there, he was looking through their protein bars. The salesman asked him if he wanted to get some. Any of you who have eaten a protein bar probably have thoughts of cardboard in your head. We have found some great bars that taste good, but they are more expensive (of course). Hubs told him that we can get them cheaper at Wally World, so we'd pass. That's when the salesman told Hubs that GNC will match another store's price by $1.00.

GNC's price: $2.00
Walmart's price: $1.50

Hubs bought a bar from Walmart, took it back to GNC with the receipt and bought the entire stock of the same protein bar from GNC: 32 bars for $.50 each. PLUS, we got the extra 20% since it was the beginning of the month.

GNC's price for 32 bars: $64.00
Our price for 32 bars: $12.80

A savings of 80%.

Don't you love a good bargain story? Now that Hubs has experienced bargain shopping, perhaps he will be sympathetic next time I head out...

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Audrey said...

thumbs on THAT save!!! hey do you get your supplements from there?? Mom's got me all preservative conscious and she's appauled they are in our vitamins, she heard gnc has them without.