Thursday, September 24, 2009


Hi. My name is Feather and I have an obsession.

It's not a particular thing, but more in general. Here it goes: when I get started in a book, or movie, or TV series I can't stop until the end. I neglect all the chores at home; I fall behind in absolutely every aspect of life.

It happened with the Harry Potter books. I rushed through reading them so that Hubs could have some clean socks.

Then, it happened with 24. And then some more books.

And then I was introduced to Hulu, where I met the TV show The Office. Now Hubs and I have been renting the DVDs for only $.54 and I can't won't stop until I know what happens. It's on my mind during the day. I have even (this is embarrassing) had dreams relating to the TV show. And, although I know that Jim and Pam end up getting together because we are also watching the current season on Hulu, I long to watch the DVDs until I know how, and when, and all the details.

The kitchen has remained just clean enough. And all other projects have been put on hold because of a silly, not worth anything in the light of eternity TV show.

Today, I am actually very happy that the video store doesn't have Season 3, Disc 3 available right now. Now that I know I can't watch any new episodes tonight, I am sure I will get some stuff done. Well, right after I stop by the video store to make sure it still isn't there.

Although it may seem a little humorous, I really do realize this is a problem. Not only does housework suffer, but time reading my Bible and time spent with God suffers. I really think that this is one way that the world distracts me from what really matters, my relationship with God.

Does that mean TV in general is bad? I don't think so. A bowl of ice cream isn't bad; a half gallon of ice cream is bad.

Do you have something you obsess over; something that takes your attention away from your time with God?


Audrey said...

ugh SO did that with the Twilight books... i would spend saturdays sitting and reading... and what is my time stealer?? this blasted internet... the blogging, facebook and the endless information on anything you want... research on this dad gum thing....

Shanle's said...

oh my gosh! we were never into the office either... didn't see what the big deal was but then we watched it with my parents ONE TIME and got hooked... it was too dang funny. and, of course, you HAVE to find out what happens with jim and pam! our friends own all of the dvd's, so after we'd put brode to bed, we'd watch for HOURS AND HOURS!! until we got caught up! oh, you still have some good episodes to go!! ;) don't they do a great job of making you feel apart of the show? like you work there and are involved in jim and pam's relationship?? crazy!! but so good!! ;) hmm...


Anonymous said...

We saved Heroes for Summer on Hulu and then watched them all within 2 months. Sometimes we'd get to the end of an episode and be like...just ONE more. Three more later... :) We love hulu!
Mrs Young