Wednesday, September 23, 2009

As Time Goes By

I never in my wildest dreams wanted to, planned on, or hoped that I would live in the midwest Kansas. Since 1995, however, I have remained in its grasps only venturing out on some great vacations.

Now, I live in a town where people know me by my maiden name. I can get anywhere in under 15 minutes. It is rare that I don't see a familiar face at the grocery store. And, I swear I hear some sort of western drawl in some people's voices that I never remember hearing before.

And so, weekly I am asked, "How are you adjusting?" or "What's it like, being back?" Some tease me because I was so very vocal about my desire to never return; but all are very sincere.

My standard response to every inquiry is, "Better than I expected."

In actuality, I don't really know what I expected. I don't even know if I had expectations, but Hubs and I devoted ourselves to making a life here outside of ourselves by making friends, getting involved, and reaching out. And, we are enjoying ourselves - imagine that. We have no idea what the future will bring, but I feel like we are ready for it.

And, we've figured out that the geographic location doesn't make it home. Our church family has made it "home." Our new friends that have welcomed us make it "home." All I need is Hubs to make it "home." The Starbucks 1.5 miles down the street doesn't hurt, either.

So, tonight I sat here and looked at my blog. Wow. My posts have gotten boring (and is duly noted by the lack of comments). What has happened to all the funny stories? Wow (again).

I thought that we were finally catching up with our friends by being out of school. We moved up to renting a house and even got a dog! But we are still a few steps behind. Now our friends are buying houses and having babies.

Yet, just like I was content in dental school, I am content right here with Hubs. Side note: if you have never moved away from your family with just your Hubs, you are missing out. It is great to establish traditions on our own and figure out problems on our own. Not that we don't receive council from others, but the bond we've built is a great foundation for wherever God leads us.

So, what is this run-on typing all about? It must mean that the rambling, random, over-thinking, contemplative, curious, clumsy Feather is coming back from wherever she went. It is good to know that she didn't get snooty in her old age. Instead, she is coming back with random polls, thoughts, news, stories, and questions.

To start it off: what makes it "home" for you?


Audrey said...

what makes it home is totally having your own little family and having your own little traditions, some are mutated ones from growing up but having your own little cozy place is nice... but I DO MISS my family... as much as ever.. that never gets better. :) so nothing really different from what you already said.

Laura said...

sorry - it's hard to comment on dog stories all the time. i miss hearing about your life, not just his life!
FAMILY makes home. college never really felt like home to me, even when i was working there. family has changed from all my family to more just justin. i would hate to move from my parents, etc but with justin i could definitely make it. :) i can't imagine life without him!

The Feather Files said...

hmmm. Dog stories will still occur. He's in our everyday life now ya know. But I'll try to keep them to a minimum...just for you.

Lindsay said...

I agree - moving away on your own with no family is the BEST for newlyweds!

What makes it a home? A dog, for starters! :-) I love your doggy stories...reminds me why I don't want a puppy for a long long long long time (I had two at the same time = double the trouble).