Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Top Ten Favorite Smells

I am so thankful for the sense of smell. Without thinking, we go throughout our days breathing in aromas. They warn us of danger, make our stomachs growl, and even bring back memories. These are just a few of the smells I love.

1.  My Hubs' deodorant. It means comfort, love, protection and home. There is no where I would rather be than in my husband's embrace.

2.  Wood burning. Whether a fireplace or a bonfire, the smell of wood burning just brings a sense of calm and warmth. I usually take deep breaths to inhale that woodsy goodness.

3.  The ocean. That salty air smell of course takes me back to O'ahu and our time there. It makes me relax and enjoy the peaceful breeze.

4.  Grey Flannel Cologne. Reminds me of my parents, mainly my dad, but really I can't think of one parent without the other because each is so connected to the other. It reminds me of them and how much I love them.

5.  Coffee. Coffee takes me to so many places - including Pop-pop's truck, days of homework and studying, and friends. Especially the smell of coffee and cardboard mixed together. The smell of coffee compels me to drink a cup and discuss the issues of my life with someone I love.

6.  Books. You know the smell of Barnes and Noble or the smell of a public library? Either of those smells reminds me of my love of words and the amazing talent of those who express themselves by writing. Whether opinions, or thoughts, or history, or fiction that takes you to another world - I love it all.

7.  Tobacco. The smell of hugging my grandpa-in-law in a giant bear hug where I completely disappear in his embrace. It reminds of this man currently residing in Heaven, whom I anticipate seeing someday soon.

8.  Pumpkin Pie. Another smell of fall, which I love. Pumpkin pie is a staple of the holiday season and makes me think of family, laughter, and fun.

9.  Frazier Fir. Ah, the smell of pine needles and sap. Makes me dream of the forest and the complete encasement of one's self by trees.

10.  Warm Vanilla Sugar by Bath & Body Works. The lotion I took to Italy in 2001 and anytime I smell that scent, I immediately think and pray of those missionaries and the people they minister to in Venice.

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Shanle's said...

I'd have to say... I agree with MOST of those smells!:) I'd have to add "the smell of winter" to your list. There's just something about it...