Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Walmart: A place to ruin joy

Rarely do I shop at Walmart. Not necessarily because I have a particular vendetta against the place, but because I don't feel like it is worth the trip. And after today's trip, I am once again drawn to the same conclusion.

It began as I drove into the parking lot. I took the first spot I came to. Of course there was a cart trapped between my car and another from the lazy, selfish person who had just pulled out of the spot. I grab the cart to take it inside so that cars are not needlessly banged up by other's lack of respect for mankind. To make it even worse, as I am walking towards the store a man takes his cart and doesn't just place it near someone's car; no, he gives it a small shove in the general direction and walks away, disregarding where the cart actually ends up. I work on grabbing his cart, too; mainly out of anger. Then I start walking with two carts towards the store. This same man nearly runs me over trying to get around me and his cart. This is all that was necessary to ruin the trip. Honestly, just take a short trip to Walmart to remind you how utterly depraved mankind is and how desperately we need a Savior. And I was reminded of this before I even stepped into the store.

(If you are one of these lazy people who can't seem to return your carts to the proper spot, please think on this. I cannot think of a valid excuse, besides an armed gunman chasing you, for not returning your cart. Nothing in your life can be so important that you can't take 2 extra minutes - if that - to be a responsible shopper and human.)

I drop the carts off, because I didn't actually need one, and start looking for my items. The store is packed with people buying things they don't need, which is another reason I don't like shopping there. I ALWAYS end up with items that aren't needed, but are so cheap that I buy them. And our Walmart seems to have a wider selection of food items, which means I end up buying "new" pre-packaged things that weren't on my list and aren't any good for me. Anyway, I gather the few items I need (including two fleece throws for only $5 - cheap toys for Ransom.)

The fellow customers aren't necessariliy happy either. I mean, don't get in their way. Because you may just cramp their style. And its all about them, you know.

By the checkout lines I am hot (temperature-wise), which makes my crabbyness sky-rocket to new levels. Walmart was partially redeemed by a very friendly cashier, but my mood was already set. And then, she put my 5 items in 3 different plastic bags, when I would have preferred everything to be smushed into 1. I hastily re-sacked them and threw the wasted bags into the recycle bin, you know, to prove a point.

I got in my car and rolled down the windows to cool off. Then, I got a grip on my attitude and realized I act no different than the people that I let irritate me. Keeping it inside didn't hide it from God. Sickened, I confessed my lack of love for others.

All that said, it might be a while before I go back.

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Audrey said...

walmart sucks, tis true. you need a super target. ;) I think it's ok to leave your cart if you're in labor or 8 months pregnant and the parking lot is iced over. so unless a MAN is missing an appendage or something he should take that blasted cart in.