Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Christmas Card Out-takes 2010

I was going to share some funny pictures of our Christmas Card photo experience. Last year, it was a challenge.

But this year, we got the shot on the first take. So, I have nothing to share except this nasty picture of Ransom and I.

In other current events...

My parents are camping on a beach in southern Texas. They will be eating Thanksgiving dinner at a restaurant overlooking the Gulf. It's 75 degrees and there are porpoises in the water. Doesn't sound too bad.

My brothers and sister-in-law are in West Virginia hanging out and celebrating Thanksgiving there. I'm so happy they are together for the holiday.

I am getting Black Friday coupons and emails by the hour. Normally, this would excite me because they are from my favorite stores and they are great deals. However, for the month of November I am not buying one item for myself (besides the basic hygiene essentials). One reason is because I splurged a lot in September and October and buying things for myself has become second nature. I need to be more self-controlled in the shopping area. I knew Black Friday and Cyber Monday would tempt me, which is why I chose November. So, this Friday I will be shopping completely for Christmas gifts!

Yesterday, we received an interesting notice in our front door. God is in control and we will see where it leads. (More details to come when I get them)

And in 1 week from today Hubs and I will learn some exciting news!! You'll have to wait to hear what it is...


Sam and Abby McNair said...

I never thought you were a mean or cruel person until this post:):) jk :) You left us hangin 2 times. Can't wait to hear what the notice in the door was and what the exciting news is! Happy Thanksgiving!

Audrey said...

can't wait to hear the news!!!

Richard said...

5 words Heather. The Boy Who Cried Wolf.

Anonymous said...

How long do we have to wait?

Mrs Young