Friday, September 3, 2010

Our Family Orchards

In our rented yard we have trees. This is one of them:

On closer examination, you will notice it has fruit. Lots of fruit.

For a while, the fruit was small and hard and Hubs and I used them to thrown at the bunnies and for our own make-shift game of horseshoes. Then I started paying attention to the fruit and I thought they may be some sort of peach.

We have had it verified by a long-time gardener. We have cut open the fruit and see the peach-like pit. They are fuzzy on the outside. They are  more white on the inside than the peaches that you buy in the store and they are a little smaller than the peaches we normally get.

Hubs and I finally ate one this week that felt ripe. They were super sweet and very good!

But wait, we don't just have one peach tree. We have two!

Our peach trees have not been treated with any pesticides or growth agents - they are organic! Unfortunately that also means that the bugs are starting to feast on these sweet little pleasures.

So, I am convicted that I can't just let these peaches go to waste. They are ready to be picked and I am going to be busy this weekend figuring out just what to do with them. My method will probably be freezing - I am just searching for the best ways.

Side note - this is just one of the great reasons to get up early and walk the dog. It promotes praise for our great God in seeing the sun rise each morning!

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Shanle's said...

Jealous! I always see fruit trees while walking and I always wanted to pick someone else's fruit!