Sunday, September 19, 2010

Completely impractical

These shoes are $80. Rarely do I pay full-price for a pair of shoes, and when I do, it is for a pair that I will be wearing frequently. These are not the type of shoes I would pay full price for.
I would however, pay for them when they are 70% off! Hands down, Dillards is my favorite store for shoes. Really, I don't buy anything else there, except shoes! What I love the most, is when they have that fabulous sale where they put out everything and mark them 70% off.

I loved these shoes when I saw them. Because they are impractical. They are 4-inches high, which is really high for me and usually means we have reached the uncomfortable level. But wearing them for a few hours, is fun. They make a boring outfit fun. They make a casual outfit dressy.

Besides a couple of $3 pairs of flip-flops, these are the only shoes I have gotten all summer and I love them. Fun. Exciting. And, they make me feel tall.

I have been a little unsure about the new styles of shoes, though... Is anyone else there with me?


Laura said...

cute! dillards really is the best place to get shoes!! :) i actually like the new flats coming out this fall. the loafer looking ones. my sister has a zebra pair. they're soo comfy! also on my christmas list. :)

Tressa said...

Props to you, I would never be able to wear those!!! I have a matching complex.... it is quite limiting! Next time Dillards has a sale... would you please let me know?!?!

Shanle's said...

You crack me up.


jnet said...

they look like you :)