Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Runners

Hubs has been running again. He's so good at it. You know how sometimes you see runners that look like they are in pain - their stride is off, they are bent over, their face is crumpled into an agonizing frown, and it just hurts to watch? Not with Hubs. He just do-bops along and makes it look like it is super easy. Of course, it's not. But I love that he makes it seem like it is all fun and games.

Lately, Hubs has had a training partner. The moment he reaches for his running shoes, Ransom's tail begins to wag and his ears perk. By the time Hubs has stretched and is ready to head out, Ransom has usually be whining for five minutes. And, when Hubs reaches the end of the driveway Ransom keeps anticipating the first step, only to be told to sit back down and wait.

I've heard of dogs training for marathons with their owners; just like humans, dogs need to work up to higher mileage. Last week, Hubs and Ransom went on their longest run yet - 9 miles!

Hubs says that Ransom wants to run fast for about the first 1/2-mile. Then he settles into Richard's 7-minute pace, which is still not a running pace for Ransom!

When they get back, Ransom's tongue is swollen to an extra-huge size and usually hangs out the side of his mouth. He heads straight to the kitchen floor and plops down for a rest on the cool tile before drinking an entire bowl of water and slobbering it all over the floor.

It's worth it, though. To have a dog fully exercised and content.

And to have a running companion for Hubs!


joan said...

Great pics of Richard & Ransom running. They look like great buds!

jnet said...

how are the knees doing?