Friday, September 17, 2010

Home Alone

Life changes when I am home alone. I'm not scared or anything; but it is quiet and I get a little lonely now. I remember the time when I loved having an evening to myself; but anymore I would prefer to have Hubs around.

But, when he is gone, I find myself doing things a little differently...

There is a light on from the kitchen to the living room to the entryway to the hallway to the bedroom to the bathroom. I do not turn them off until I go to bed. It's all those mystery shows like Criminal Minds that get in my head. I would rather light up the house than give myself even the option of having a panic attack.

I stay up later. When Hubs is home, I am ready for bed at 10pm. When he is gone, I stay up later for some reason. But, I don't seem to have any trouble sleeping once I am in bed. I have heard of wives that can't sleep alone. That is not an issue for me.

I don't un-make the whole bed. This is the only positive part of him being away because it means I only have to re-make half of the bed in the morning.

I make tacos. Every. Single. Time. I love homemade tacos, but they aren't Hubs's fave. So, I have reserved that meal only for the times that he is out of town. Usually my brother comes over to eat with him - not this time.

I eat pizza from my favorite local place. Hubs also isn't a fan, but I like it. Along with that, I also usually rent a girl-movie to pass the evening.

I go to the dog park everyday. It's nice to get out and talk to people, to be outside, and to play with Ransom. 

The television is on constantly. I must have noise. Not just noise, but human voices. Actually, even when Hubs is home I don't really like silence. I just can't stand the sound of nothing.

And, I realize how much I am head-over-heels in love with my husband. I realize how I have come to depend on him and how much I need him. I anxiously wait for him to come home to me.


Laura said...

lol! i love that you eat tacos every time he's gone! i too stay up late when justin's gone and enjoy the middle of the bed.

Shanle's said...

I hate being alone, too. I think it's harder (a bit scarier) when you have babies.... Lots to think about when the man of the house is gone!


jnet said...

actually, having kids and now they are out of the house again...i find it lonelier without them when mike is gone. there are some things you can do that you normally wouldn't when your husband is here (eat tacos :) ) however, i can relate heather. i'm so glad when he comes home!!!