Monday, September 27, 2010

What I love...

...About Blogging
- hearing from the most random people about how they read one of my posts. This past week, I have found out about quite a few blog "stalkers" (people who read but never comment). The most talked about post? When I picked up dog poop with my bare hands. Total lapse of good judgment that day.

- getting my thoughts out of my brain and trying, in some way, to make my life seem more funny, exciting, and worth-blogging-about than it actually is.

- being honest. I (obviously) hide very little from you.

---About Fall
- pumpkins.

- brisk morning walks.

- chili and soup and ooey gooey cinnamon rolls, not too much bread and super soft.

- long sleeves and jeans.

- Nebraska football.

- apple cider (cold only).

- changing leaves (if only we had some decent trees).

...About our Family
- the mutual affection for our 70-pound animal.

- the central focus and goal of working to make glorifying Christ our life aim.

- the work we put into loving each other every. single. day.

- the fun we have together.

...About our Friends
- that they put up with our quirks.

- that for some reason they want to hang out with us.

- that they teach us things.

- that we have so much fun with them. they feel like family to me.

...About Hawai'i
- palm trees.

- ocean.

- temperature.

- the smell.

- the flowers.

- too many more things to mention!

...About my Birthday
- that it is on Halloween

- that it is in the fall

- that I get a free Starbucks drink, a $15 gift card to Banana Republic, and a $20 gift card to Vera Bradley. This all should equal a soon trip to Kansas City.

- that Hubs does things to make it special. My favorite time was when he had me sit on the couch and close my eyes. Then brought me a tub of Breyer's ice cream with candles in it and sang to me. It was the best.

- that it is in 34 days.

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Shanle's said...

i have to say, i always miss nebraska during this time of year. i love fall, the brisk air, the jeans and sweatshirts, and of course husker football. it's still pretty hot here... i'm dying for 70 degree weather!!! i haven't been home for a fall in three years now... so sad. i'm a little homesick! ;)