Sunday, September 5, 2010


You may have believed that we have 2 peach trees; but nobody could have expected the amount of fruit that would be harvested from these trees.

Saturday I had high hopes of freezing lots and lots of peaches. I got one batch done. It is a simple process; yet exhausting. No wonder people usually get together to do this. Chit-chat would have been welcome; but the US Open in the background was just not enough to keep me going. I put it off until today; which will get put off for a few more days.

I went out and picked again today.

Aren't they pretty?

Yesterday I had just as many, if not more. The wonderful thing about tree-ripened fruit is that it is delish. The hard thing is that they aren't good for very long!

I'm serious. If you would like some fresh white peaches; come over and get some! Although I still hope to freeze more and am taking some to my parents, we will still have leftovers; and I know we will probably be able to pick more for at least 1-2 more days.

While I was busy in the kitchen Saturday, Hubs snapped some pictures of the process:

The peaches needed to be skinned. Luckily I had a friend give me a few tips on that task.

My goal was 5 cups of peaches. It took longer than I estimated.

I made it though. And now I have one package in the freezer waiting to be made into a yummy cobbler or pie!


Laura said...

yum! i canned peaches with my granny a few summers ago and it was so awesome to be able to enjoy them all winter!

jnet said...

looks delicious! how about some peach smoothies!!!