Saturday, September 25, 2010

twenty-seven, i mean twenty-six

(Yes, this was taken while I was driving. Taking pictures while driving has not yet been banned!)

The countdown to my birthday starts later and later each year. We are about 36 days away, but I am more concerned about savoring this beautiful weather we are having. My favorite time of the year is from October 1st through January 1st and my birthday only has a little to do with it anymore. (FYI to Hubs - this does not mean I will not want to celebrate my day.)

I've already been telling people I'm 27, though. I mean, we are close enough and really I can't wait to be 27.

Does that surprise you? I dreaded 26, but I am excited for 27?

Twenty-six really wasn't that great of an age. I felt like I was getting old the entire year. I realized I was getting farther away from my early twenties and closer to my late twenties. It was depressing, at first.

Twenty-six reeked havoc on my body. Gravity has started to take affect and I am having to work harder at maintaining firm skin. I feel like skin is hanging in places where it used to cling firmly to my muscles and bones. My stomach used to stay relatively flat no matter whether I was working out or eating right. My abdomen is now starting to have issues, on top of my giant thighs and ever-growing butt. And I used to be able to workout for a week and feel like the problem was fixed; now, I have worked out for months and realize the problem will never leave.

This is not complaining, by the way (I know you can't hear my tone, so I wanted to clarify). I am just making some general observations at what the age of 26 has done. So far, it has just motivated me to get on top of the problem and not let it fester until I reach 37, which I can only imagine will make things even more difficult. Lifestyle and eating habits are going to need to be adjusted as we enter these later twenties.

But right now, I am ready for twenty-seven. I have gotten over the lamenting for my early twenties. And actually, I would rather be twenty-seven than twenty-one again. I am happy to have gone through all the trivial trials of becoming an adult, and now I am able to look back and see the progress of maturity. It is so nice to have Hubs sharing my life and I really would rather grow older than get younger.

I feel twenty-seven. I think this if the first time I actually feel my (almost) age. Life has more perspective, more depth. Life isn't always about me anymore, and I can only hope that continues as I get older. Yesterday, I was actually looking forward to being 20 years older, just so I can (hopefully) be more spiritually mature in my walk with God. That is becoming what my life is about.

So, here is the beginning of the yearly countdown....36 days 'til BIRTHDAY TIME!


Tressa said...

You will be 27 very soon... as will I. Do you want to go apple picking while we are still 26? Or save that for the better year?

Dr. and Mrs. Thomas said...

ok that was hilarious. I laughed out loud multiple times. Love how honest you are...and it's oh so true, now that I'm nearing 28, and each year seems to go faster and faster....the question still remains, what are we doing with the time God has given us!?

excellent post. =)

Shanle's said...

i remember losing a year of my life. i thought i was 24 the whole entire time i was 23! andrew and i both. when we realized our mistake, we thought, "we just lost a year of our life!!" i can't believe we are getting closer and closer to 30, heather! that sort-of scares me.