Thursday, June 24, 2010

Whirlwind of a Day results in a Lesson Learned

Tuesday was just another day. I got home from work and, just like any normal day, let Ransom outside while I got the mail. There was just one letter in the box. From our landlord. I open it absent-mindedly and freeze when I read the words, " of July 1, we are giving you 30 days notice..."

After a minor freak-out, I calmly get online and check out rental properties available. I load the dog in the car and we spend the rest of the afternoon looking at possible new homes.

From the moment we began looking for a rental home 1.5 years ago, we were struck at the grossness of the rentals in our city. Everyone we have met since has affirmed that our town just doesn't have good rental options. We. Lucked. Out. And after a year of life here, we had forgotten just how lucky we were.

That night Hubs and I drove around looking for "FOR RENT" signs and calling landlords. We found two very nice places, but they declined Ransom. The stereotype of large dogs and of renters in general is not us or Ransom, but if I were a landlord I would probably have reservations about a 70-pound dog. When we got home I sat in our office and just looked around at all our stuff. Moving is bad enough. But moving across town seems like such a waste of time.

The next morning Hubs and I called on more places and made plans to visit a couple of places over lunch. Hubs stopped and talked to our landlord to see if there was anything that could be done for us to stay just one more year.

Over lunch we picked the better of two options and agreed that it was livable. I had no idea how blessed we were to have our home. Little things, like two giant bathrooms with clean showers and drawers around the sink, we had taken for granted. A programable thermostat. A giant garage. The last few months I had actually been complaining about our home. I'm not going to pretend I know the mind of God, but perhaps He had enough of my complaining over the amazing blessing he had given us. In any case, walking through these two homes made me realize my ungrateful heart.

Before Hubs called our landlord to tell them our choice, they called us. If we were willing to pay a little more rent, they would let us sign another year lease. PRAISE! The small amount is worth not moving and staying in a home that we love. (As of now, papers are not signed so it isn't final.)

This morning I woke up and immediately thanked God for proving such a wonderful home for us to live in. I pray that this little lesson sticks in my life in all the abundant blessings God has given.


Richard said...

Speaking of things I'm am thankful for, I am thankful I get to spend the rest of my life with you. Let's be thankful for our home and use it as we see best to glorify God.

joan said...

You two have said it best.