Thursday, June 17, 2010

Paradise, I mean Kansas

So I bought this song off of itunes. It is a reggae hit that we heard all the time during our second Hawai'i trip. It's called "Gimmie Love" and it just makes me smile. When I walk in the morning, it almost makes me feel like I am back on the island....

I begin to see tall palm trees waving in the breeze. Oh wait, that's just an electric pole.

I start to smell the salty ocean air. Nope, that's just the dog poop I picked up.

I close my eyes to hear the waves and feel the ocean mist. Then I open them becuase I trip over my feet and get sprayed by a sprinkler.

I look up into the trees to see the beautiful flowers. Instead, I see the cotton that hasn't yet fallen.

I anticipate a cool breeze to offset the hot sun. I nearly get blown off my feet with hot wind.

So the song can't transform my surroundings; at least it relives the memories.

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Shanle's said...

you always make me wish i was back in hawaii myself!! ;) i love reggae!! ;)