Tuesday, June 29, 2010

What should we do in Chicago?

Hubs and I are headed to Chicago later this month. I went years ago on a girl's trip and thought it was fun. But, I am so excited to go with Hubs this time. Besides San Diego earlier this year, it may be our only vacation (I know, shocker for traveling fiends like us).

Anyway, we only have 2 days to spend there and want to make the most of our time. We have a few things on our list, but we want to know what YOU like and what YOU think we should do.

Where should we eat? What should we see? What fun things do you like to do in Chicago? Where should we stay?

After Chicago we are actually headed to Wisconsin - which will be a new state for me to check off my list! And, we are driving the whole trip! Another shocker since we are usually the flying-type. It's not Hawai'i, but I think we are going to have some fun!


Anonymous said...

Eat at Giordanos. It's an amazing pizza place. You won't be able to eat more than one slice per person in a sititng because it's so thick and huge and almost like a casserole. Also, eat at Harry Caray's.

Stay at the Hilton Towers downtown. It probably costs more than your average hotel but it's classic and has been in several movies and it's located right across the street from Buckingham Fountain and Millenium Park. It's not far from the Aquarium and the Beach and the Lake. Definitely worth the money.

Visit Sears Tower. It's really neat, espeically with the glass floor. Ride around on the free trolley system if you can...it goes to the aquarium and several other places and will save your feet. Definitely park your car in a parking garage and just walk...you'll see more of the city that way.

Oh, and go to a cubs game.

Shanle's said...

I agree with the above comments... Giordani's pizza is YUMMY (and huge by the way).

When we lived there, we loved taking trips to the lake... I know it's nothing special, but it is so big it almost looks like an ocean... we found some special spots! ;)

Honestly, just walking around downtown was fun... there's tons to do (shop & eat). Be forewarned: eating places are definitely more expensive, though! ;)

Have fun, girlie!!


Laura said...

we liked gino's east... just make sure you get some deep dish pizza! we enjoyed walking around on the mile and in millennium park. we also went to one of the museums down there. justin would know which one. i would try to go to a broadway show next time i'm there. :)
but sarah's right - just walking around is fun!!

jnet said...

i liked walking past the boats in the harbor....taking pictures. i think an open-air concert would be fun as well.