Friday, June 4, 2010


Prizes are the best! I love to provide them for events; and I love trying to get them. Any of you who have witnessed me trying to win a prize knows exactly what I mean.

There are 2 concerts coming to town that I would love to attend. Michael Buble and The Eagles. So, I have started stalking the radio stations to find how I can win some tix!!!

Today, on the way to the dog park, I was listening, listening, but nothing. All they were giving away was a $25 gift card to a pretty nice shopping mall. So, I reach for my phone, slowly... this isn't the prize I want. But, I decide to have some fun and at least try.

I dial the long distance number...busy. I waste about 10 seconds trying to figure out how to get my phone to redail and I wait while it takes forever to connect...then, it rings. And rings. And rings. I almost hang up and then I hear those words...

"You're the 10th caller!"

I won. People ask me how I do it. All I can tell you is that I try. I actually pick up my phone and dial the number. Somebody has to win...why not me?!

I've already decided what I am putting my $25 towards!


Laura said...

congrats! you have such good luck on this. enjoy shopping! :)

jnet said...

can't believe it, but yet i can!!!!