Tuesday, June 1, 2010


When you think of hiking, you probably think of the mountains. This weekend, we took a hike in Kansas, though, and found it to be quite nice.

The group included 8 adults and 4 dogs. Something very exciting must have distracted the dogs while the picture was snapped.

It was a warm hike at the beginning...muggy. But we climbed up some rocks and even into a cave.

The views were actually quite nice at certain spots.

The dogs were troopers. They climbed rocks. They forged rivers. And Ransom pulled me along the entire time, up and down hills. Two of the dogs were even carrying backpacks with water!

Jazz loved the river because it meant she could sink her whole body down into the water and cool off.

What we didn't realize until halfway through, was the number of ticks attaching themselves to the dogs and us. We pulled off many during the hike and then many more after the hike was over. When we got back to camp, I went off to take a shower. I returned to hear Hubs counting "62...63...". He was counting the number of ticks he had pulled off Ransom since I went to the shower. I sat down and helped him and we got to well over 100 ticks before we lost count. I guess we put that flea and tick medicine to the test!

(Yes, that background noise is Ransom breathing!)

When we arrived home, I found another tick on ME! Those things have to be one of the nastiest insects alive!


Audrey said...

BLEIGH ticks, 100 and one on you!! yuck creepy aweful....I'm about to get chills and heeby jeebies here

Edie said...

I LOVE the video. :) I had the same view, only with a shorter, brown and white dog with floppy ears.