Thursday, June 3, 2010

It works!

There are just some things that you buy, hoping that they work. You never actually know, though, until you have to use it. Like a fire extinguisher. Or medicines.

That's how it is with the flea and tick goop that we put between Ransom's shoulder blades each month. We shovel out the dough, we put it on, and we hope that it protects him (and us) from fleas. This weekend, we really put the medicine to the test by hiking in the tick-infested Kansas countryside.

Yesterday, I was grossed out when I felt, yet another tick on my dog. When I investigated further I found a DEAD tick! The medicine works! That nasty insect bit my dog and then died. Now I can put money into that medicine knowing it is doing some good!

Yesterday Hubs also found a tick, but it was on him! Unfortunately it was attached and engorged with Hubs's blood. Hmmm,  I wonder why they haven't made a "Frontline" for humans...

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