Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Treadmill Trouble

Caesar Milan (aka The Dog Whisperer) says that a treadmill is a good way to exercise an energetic and active dog. I've always wanted to try it. I've not only read about it in his books, but I've watched him put it into action on TV.

This weekend, I found Hubs attempting to do just this. (Man, I wish I would have thought to take pictures.) I happened upon him standing on the treadmill with his feet spread apart so that he was on the panels that don't move. He held Ransom by the collar, between his legs. Ransom was a trooper. It started off slow and Hubs would make it faster every little while. Soon Ransom was up to a 8:30 mile-pace and still just trotting along.

Our goal: 1 mile before we left for dinner.

At one-half mile, something went wrong. It happened too quickly at the time to understand fully, but after a couple attempts of trying to veer off the treadmill, Ransom had stopped running completely. Hubs stopped the treadmill, and then realization hit us.

(Side note: Ransom's poop schedule is very consistent. He poops on our morning walks. He poops immediately when he gets to the dog part in the northeast corner. He circles 2.5 times before squatting. He cannot run for very long if he hasn't pooped.)

After the treadmill stopped, we discovered that there was a reason Ransom was trying to get off the treadmill. He had to poop. And since his owners were forcing him to continue running, he had no option but to squat right there. Unfortunately, when he squatted he also starting riding backwards on the belt, so then he had to squat/run for the next 5 seconds until the treadmill stopped. By that time, the damage was done. The poop had ridden the treadmill and flown off the back onto the floor. Soon, the smell was enough to send us all out of the room.

Verdict: The treadmill works. Ransom seemed to enjoy it.
Lessons Learned: Take Ransom outside BEFORE the workout.


Dr. and Mrs. Thomas said...

hahahaHAHAHAHHAAAAAHAAAA. I wish I could have been there to see that. Probably would have peed my pants laughing so hard...and then you REALLY would have had a mess! haaa

Edie said...

OH heather. I laughed so hard I cried picturing this in my head.
Tooo funny. Hope you got everything cleaned up... :)

Lindsay said...

Oh my.....Ewewewew! I'm so glad you're "in-tune" with your dogs bowel movements! LOL.

Tressa said...

Laughing out loud as I read this! I'm sorry that you two and Ransom had to experience this but it is funny. So how are you going to calibrate the pooping schedule with treadmill running?

jnet said...

i love catching up on your blogging! i laughed right out loud! that is hilarious!!!! #1 i would have loved to see richard's face. #2 watching ransom try and sit down while the treadmill is going.