Monday, February 1, 2010

Week Two

Week Two
Miles: 11

General thoughts:
Week two met me with challenges. I didn't want to run. It snowed. It was colder. My knee hurt. You get the picture. I should have run 12 miles, however Friday morning greeted me with 5 inches of snow, plus it was still snowing. So, I skipped.

The long run:

This is what it looked like when I went outside to run. In spite of that, today's 4-mile run went really well. After running with the dog all week, it was freeing to run alone. And, actually it was probably one of the more beautiful runs I will ever have in Kansas because the trees were gorgeous with snow. It was spitting some moisture, but not unbearable. Actually, my ipod shuffle had frost all over it and the wires for the headphones!

I wore my watch for the first time so I could see how long it took. It's too embarrassing to share with the world.

I'm thinking about running for City Council (not really). Sidewalks are very rare in this town, but on the few roads that had sidewalks, they were still covered in snow. I really think this needs to be changed. Until then, there is this handy-dandy website,, where you can map out your routes. I was able to map out a nice route through neighborhoods so that I could run in the road.

Goals for next week:
I want to steady out my pace more. And, I know I could be picking up the pace. I get home and I am barely winded, so I am not pushing myself at all.

One morning Ransom and I ran when it was super foggy - a freezing fog according to the weather people. When we got home, I burst out laughing because this is what he looked like:

Notice he does NOT look tired!


aconkling said...

The website you post is EXCELLENT! Good girl - glad you found it. I use it all the time! And I totally agree with the lack of sidewalks in this town! :)

I have half-marathon info for you. I'll give it to you during small group, but probably will send it via facebook, too. We've had a hit or miss attendance record these last few weeks. We're (finally) sick-free for the time being! :)

Keep goin', girl. You're doing GREAT!

jnet said...

ransom is "man's best friend" to go out with you and come home looking like that!!! you are a trooper heather!!!