Monday, February 22, 2010

What would you do?

You are at the movie theater. You are sitting in your seat, waiting for it to begin when you start to think that you would really rather see that other movie. The one that is in the bigger and better theater down the hall. You find out that it hasn't started yet and you make the decision to switch movies. Do you:

A. Just go into the theater for the other movie and wait until it starts.

B. Stay and watch part of the movie you paid for and slip into the other movie when it starts.

C. Go to the counter, exchange your tickets, and then go sit in the theater to wait until it starts.

D. Stay and watch the original movie.

1 comment:

joan said...

Which did you do? I would probably go out and ask if I could exchange tickets for other movie first and if for whatever reason they said I could not I would watch the one I originally purchased tickets for.