Thursday, February 11, 2010

The note on my desk

When I got to work today I 1) had a bag of Dove chocolates on my desk from my office-mate and 2) had this note on my desk (my comments to the note are in parentheses).

Hi there this is your favorite person (that's debateable)
Just thought I would write you a little note.

Oh your just such a great sister
Way Way better than any blister (I think that is a compliment)
The times that we have had
All good and definetely none bad (In what world?)
I will follow you to whatever town you go (Great.)
I will go east, or west, high or low
This is a poem just for you
Yep it's from Jake...What was your first clue (Hmmm, was it the corny rhyme scheme or lack of puncuation?)

I woke up grumpy today, as I have for the past 3 days - I must be going to some hormonal imbalance or something - grumpy is not normal for me. So, it is always nice to have fun surprises when you get to work.

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