Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Oven Homemade

One of the biggest things I miss in Lincoln, Nebraska was our favorite restaurant, The Oven. There, we were introduced to Indian cuisine and loved it.

In my quest to make new recipes, I found a recipe for my "usual" at The Oven. Excited to try it, I then searched for a recipe for our favorite Indian bread, naan. Last night, I tried both recipes.

First, the naan bread. Super, super easy to make. And delish! The only unusual ingredient that you may not have is yogurt. I added garlic powder to the bread after brushing it with butter, because we like it that way. The Oven serves this bread with a mint chutney sauce - which I also found a recipe for. I will have to make that next time. Click here for the recipe.

The main dish - Chicken Makhani (Butter Chicken). Also surprisingly easy to make. A strange combination of spices to marinate the chicken in overnight. Then, just about 30 minutes of cooking over the stove in the sauce. Click here for the recipe.

As I cooked it, I felt like I was walking into The Oven instead of my house! I got more and more anxious to taste it. Sure enough, it has the same taste as my usual dish. Hubs cleaned his plate after having seconds! It went over well.

There are a few things I might tweak to this recipe next time, but overall we were both very excited to have Indian food at home. I am happy because it is easy and CHEAP! Now that I have the spices, It should cost less than $10 for all the ingredients. Plus, it makes soooooo much food, that we have leftovers for days!

By the way, this recipe was so good, I will actually make it for guests! If you come over, it is very possible you will be eating this!


Sam and Abby McNair said...

yo feath... One of the things sam misses most about lincoln food is tandoor, the blue orchid, and the oven. so thanks for the recipe. I just made Panang curry for sammer tonight. love your blog girl!

joan said...

Did you find the Chicken Tiki Madras (spelling?) Actually, we had the oven last night for dinner! I will probably try making the bread but will slip down the block to pick up the other! : )

ARC said...

looks good - when can I visit?