Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Guess who came to visit?

Cousin Holly!

And my parents, of course. And although Holly hates getting her picture taken, she hates something else even more.

Holly and Ransom's history has been less than good. Holly, like most moody cocker spaniels, hates Ransom. Ransom, like most playful labradors, thinks Holly should want to play with him. This has led to snarls, barks, and growls.

I, of course, am determined that they will be the best of friends tolerate each other to the point of being left alone in the same room without bloodshed.


They won't look at each other, but at least they are on the same couch - WITHOUT my encouragement.

They even humored me by looking at the camera! Best of pals one day...I can feel it. And if not, we are light-years further along than the previous meetings. Secretly I am hoping that when I go back out to the living room they will be snuggled up together for warmth...


Shanle's said...

Can't we all just get along??

Lindsay said...

Man I just LOVE LOVE doggy dynamics...and unless you own a dog, you'll never understand that they do, in fact, have their own little quirks about them.

My Lucy is a major Alpha dog - so unless it's a male or a totally wimpy female coming to sniff her rear-end...watch out!

That couch shot is hilarious.

joan said...

Perhaps Ransom and Bentley will become "tolerant" of each other as Holly & Ransom! There is hope.