Monday, February 8, 2010

Week Three

Week Three
Miles: 6.5

General Thoughts:
Yikes. Obviously it wasn't a very good week. This is where I need you all to keep me going. At this point, I doubt any of you would care if I backed out of the commitment. That's not good because I am very tempted to do just that. When it is only me encouraging me, I am apt to let myself down.

However, the other reason why it was a low-mile week is because of my knee. One day during week 2, I woke up with a sore knee - it felt like I slept on it oddly. Since then it has hurt. Some days worse than others, but always worse after a run. Therefore...

Long Run:
I am skipping my long run today. It was supposed to be 5 miles and it actually was perfect this morning. Hardly any wind and 32 degrees (which I have found is a great temperature for a long run). But, Hubs is advising me to do other exercises for a few days and give my knee a break from running. It works well, since next week's long run is also 5 miles. I don't feel like I will get too far behind.

Goals for Next Week:
1. Gain enthusiasm for running and for the race.
2. Get back into running regularly.
3. No pain in the knee.

When I get back into my running schedule, I am going to change it up a bit. Right now, it has me running 3 consecutive days, which I don't really like. Instead of running Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and resting on Saturday, I am going to run Wednesday and Thursday, break on Friday, and run Saturday. I think that will help me stick to the plan.

Ransom is getting pretty smart based on our routes. He knows where to turn and how to get home. One morning, I let him lead so I could see where he would take me. He knew exactly how to get home. That is good to know, in case he ever gets loose. However, he still has no regard for the danger that vehicles present. He doesn't pay attention to traffic before crossing the street.

Even if he does know how to find home, he would definitely get hit by a car before he made it.

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ARC said...

put on a knee brace and run Heather! Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee