Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Two years ago, I fell in love again. Hubs and I took the vacation of our my dreams. We went to Hawaii.

I didn't expect to love it as much as I did. But I found that as much as I feel comforted with giant trees enclosing me all around and varying shades of green calming me against the brown bark and dirt of the forest, I also feel relaxed with the background noise of the ocean's roar and the tropical birds' songs while the light breeze drifts delicious scents around.

I often picture myself either in the woods or on the beach. During a rough day. When I am anxious. When I worry.

Vacations are a key component of my life. I love living for the next vacation. It makes me work harder. It gives me a goal. So, since Hubs and I have not gone away for a whole 9 months, I have been aching to plan a trip.

My one desire - warmth. The sun heating my cheeks. Palm trees would be nice. Plenty of things to do. And the verdict...

San Diego, California.

It's not in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, but at least that beautiful ocean is right there to enjoy. There are palm trees and it should be sunny, in the 60s. I. Cannot. Wait. We'll be strolling the oceanside, visiting the zoo and Sea World. We may go whale watching or tour a aircraft carrier. It doesn't matter, though; we will be on vacation!

Maybe living in a boring place isn't such a bad thing. It makes me want to go away even more often!


Audrey said...

enjoy your time!!! soak up some warmth for me :)

Shanle's said...

Ah, I miss Hawaii too and I miss going on vacations... our last one was to Estes Park this past summer!! It's a lot more difficult once you have kiddos. ;) Enjoy each other in San Diego (I had thought you already went).