Wednesday, November 25, 2009

A new challenge

I am embarking on yet another 90-day challenge.

I was nervous when we started P90X. I honestly wondered if I would have the endurance, strength, and discipline to see it through. But, I did; and it felt good. Since I have devoted 90 days to my physical health I have gotten on a good track for my life. Now I am going to devote 90 days to my spiritual health.

Do you know that I have never read the entire Bible? If Jesus returned tomorrow, I would have to tell him, "Sorry, Lord. I have known you almost my entire life, yet I have never taken the time to read the Word you gave to me." Wow. This is just sad.

I know you are thinking exactly what I thought when this idea was proposed to me. There is NO WAY I could read the ENTIRE Bible in 90 days. I can't even read it in a year. Well, hear me out.

A year is too long. Ninety days is more attainable; the end is in sight. You can do anything in 90 days if you really want to.

Plus, they have packaged the Bible into a book that helps us get over our pre-conceived thoughts.

If you saw the size of this book, you could read it. Hey, I read the 4 Twilight books in a week...thousands of pages!

The breakdown is thus: 12 pages/day for 88 days (they allow 2 days to skip). For an average reader, that will take about 45 minutes per day.

I am really excited about this. I can't wait to see what books like Ezra, Nehemiah, and Joel are about! Plus, spending 45 minutes per day in God's Word will hopefully help start a good track for years to come.

Will you join me?


Richard said...

When are you starting?

The Feather Files said...

December 1 - you gonna join me babe?

JAKE said...


Audrey said...

Godspeed sister Heather