Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Hubs and I recently completed the P90X workout. We did a full 90 days of excercising 6 days each week. Phew.

We now have memorized most of all the work-outs. We now find ourselves quoting Tony Horton in conversation. We now can say that we completed it. And we now we are taking a week off to figure out what is next.

But they have you take a fit test before and after to see if you improved and it was interesting to see our results.

Pull-ups: Hubs increased by 64%. My results don't really mean anything; I started at doing 1/4 of a pull-up and ended doing 3/4 of one.

Vertical leap: Hubs increased by 47%; I increased by 56%

Push-ups: Hubs increased by 47%. I increased by 104%. (Since I could not even do a regular push-up prior to this program, I recorded my results on my knees to be consistent.)

Toe touch: Hubs increased his flexibility by 6.5 inches! I increased by 3.5 inches, but we ended at about the same flexibility.

Wall Squat: Hubs increased by 69-seconds; I increased by 90-seconds.

Bicep Curls: Hubs increased by 50%; I increased by 60%.

In & Outs (ab exercise): Hubs increased by 50%; I increased by 248%.

You may notice that my numbers increased more drastically than Hubs's. One reason could be because Hubs was more in-shape when we began that I was. He definitely worked harder during the past 90 days, but I had more areas in which to improve.

Another reason could be that I wimped-out on the first fit test. I was not someone who pushed myself when working out. During P90X, however, I learned to push myself and work harder - another benefit of the program and that was seen in the final test. If I would have pushed myself at the beginning, I probably would have gotten higher scores, making the end scores not so drastic. I think Hubs' scores of about a 50% increase, are what people should expect.

Basically, P90X gave us a steady workout for 90-days. No matter what, if you work out consistently for 90 days, there will be results. I can obviously see results in my fit test and am happy that I did it. And especially excited that I can do over 20 regular push-ups today!

Notice I did not post final pictures or weights. I think the fit test says more than those ever would - believe me.


Shanle's said...

Congrats for completing this routine! I know you've always wanted to get on some sort of regular schedule with workouts!! And I'm proud of you for officially being able to do a normal push-up!! ;)


Audrey said...

I've never done a pull up in my LIFE!! :) I bet you put on weight since muscle weighs more than fat but your clothes fit better, that's what happens for me anyways!! sounds like a great job!!! keep up on those pushups so you don't lose what you worked so hard for!! I can do 10 and when I first started a couple years ago, I couldn't even do a girl one. gee what a long comment... I need more adult interaction...

ARC said...

do you guys have a six pack now?