Monday, November 2, 2009


For years I disliked Halloween. Mainly because it diverted attention away from me my birthday. Then I went through a stage where I loved Halloween - the pumpkins, the weather, the food, and the novelty of having a birthday on a not-so-important holiday.

This year, I was once again reminded why I sometimes dislike Halloween. Hubs and I ended up at the Wichita mall right in the midst of trick-or-treating time. Most of the costumes were cute and tasteful. However, the part that I dislike are the gross, scary costumes. The grotesque masks and face paint - not my thing. Dressing up as a giraffe, football player, or puppy - that's cute and fun. Dressing up as a scary thing with a yucky mask or fake blood - I don't get it.

My ideal Halloween includes spicy chili, warm gooey cinnamon rolls, hot coffee, and caramel apples. Maybe some carved pumpkins and fun games, like bobbing for apples or eating a donut off a string, too.

Nothin' scary 'bout that.


joan.clabaugh said...

The table looks great! Sounds like you had a great party.

jnet said...

didn't we decide that chili is cinnamon rolls are a nebraska thing? did you get any questions about that in kansas?