Monday, November 9, 2009

The Graduate

Today, I am a proud momma owner.

Ransom graduated from an 8-week obedience course. Hubs came along to watch his graduation and to take some pictures. Of course on graduation day, he acted as though he learned nothing.

He was the only dog in his class to win the perfect attendance award. He loved his award.

Good thing he won that contest, because he lost Simon Says due to his owner forgetting how to play. He was the first dog out on the "who can sit the longest" contest and came 2nd to last on the "fastest recall." Those little dogs can run fast!

We had a good time, though. His classmates included a mastiff, a blue heeler, a daschund, a boston terrier, and two shelties.

When it was time to receive his diploma, Ransom lost interest. Something behind him looked way cooler.

I think he was proud of his accomplishment, though. We still have some areas to work on, but at least we have a good foundation.


Anonymous said...

Feather Claugh. :) Nice. Is this some type of urbanization of your name? hehe Mrs Young

Jake said...

Your dog is too funny. I expect to see some tricks when I come down.

joan said...

Yeah for Ransom and for his "pack leader" for getting him there every time. Go Heather! Good thing Ransom is not sensitive as to how the spell his last name! : )

Anonymous said...
After all that training, I am sure Ransom can join up with this dog.
Mrs Young

Richard said...

I still think he won the running contest...there's no way that little chew toy ran faster than him.

Dr. and Mrs. Thomas said...

dude your blog is hilarious. I just had to catch up like 5 posts. Oh man. Makes me miss you guys a TON! Glad your bday was great, Richard did a great job, Ransom is so funny, I'm glad you have someone to boss around that LOVES it! haha. And I feel the same way bout my two lil bros. Like their lives are my own. SIGH. life is so GOOD. Thanks GOD!