Thursday, November 19, 2009

Another unwanted visitor

Two days ago, I was horrified to find this next to our house:

The next morning, I was horrified to see that it had come back! But I was also kinda glad so Hubs could see I was not exaggerating its size.

After Hubs left for work, he called and told me to capture it with a tupperware container, but to make sure the spider would stay inside. I found my biggest tupperware and put it over the, what seemed to be frozen, spider. Then, I found the closest heaviest object to secure the container: a pumpkin.

When Hubs came home for lunch, he transfered the now very mobile, non-frozen spider to a smaller container and took it to work to show-and-tell.

I was even more disturbed when the spider came back home with him at the end of the day and was set on his desk. He thought maybe it could be a new pet.

Later that evening, the spider was released back into the wild; far, far, far away from our home.


Laura said...

ahh! you need a disclaimer at the top for that sort of picture. i hate hate hate big spiders like that! the picture even makes me shudder. when we get those at our house, i yell for justin and refuse to get off whatever piece of furniture i'm on until he kills it. letting it go would still freak me out - just thinking it might come back. :) i hope you don't have anymore visitors like this!

Jake said...

What kind of spider is that?? I am a little scared to come to your house now. Also, why did you not kill it!?!?!?!

Audrey said...

HUGE... flushing it would've been fun....;)

Lindsay said...

Okay - I lived in KS for five years and never knew something that BIG existed. Good thing cuz I wouldn't have lasted that long. Seriously. Ewe! Are they harmful?? Yay...and I get to sleep at the in-laws BASEMENT during Christmas. I'm bringing a net.