Monday, July 28, 2008

To Do List

Now that I am back home, I see things all over the apartment that need to get done. I think the excitement of going to Hawaii took over my life and in the process I did not see how unorganized our apartment is right now. My parents and Richard can attest to the fact that I am not the type of person who naturally puts things back exactly where they should go after using them. I am known to fold laundry, but not put it away for a couple of days. Instead of hanging a shirt back on the hanger, I lay it on the shelf underneath the hanging clothes. Instead of putting the shoes on the shoe rack, I set them beside the shoe rack. My intentions are always to come back and put them away... The only exception is in the kitchen. I can't stand the kitchen to be messy since it is the first thing everyone sees when they walk into the apartment.

In admitting these things to you, I must also admit that I have areas of anal retentiveness as well. My books and movies MUST be in alphabetical order on their shelves. Any notes or homework assignments must be neat on the page, or I will rewrite them until they look neat. I cringe when I have to cross something out that I have already written, or if I have to squeeze something in. I'm cringing as I type this just thinking about it.

I am also infamous for making a list, then losing it. Making a new list, then losing it. You get the picture. Each list may or may not have the same tasks on it. So, what better way to not lose a list than post it on our blog? Plus, this gives my readers the chance to be my accountability. I will add and cross off those things as they get done or need added.

Things to do:
  • Clean and organize my dresser drawers
  • Clean and organize my side of the closet
  • Study Isaiah 40:35-40 for Saturday morning study
  • Call a lady from church about childrens music in August (do tonight!)
  • Clean out the sliding door track - eww
  • Find places for all the crap on the dining room table
  • Vacuum and talk to Amanda about getting the carpets cleaned
That's a good start. I'll add as I think of more.

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j'net said...

how's the to do list going heather? i can so relate to a lot of what you said....i alphabetize my dvds, and cds, i categorize my books on the shelves, i organize my pantry....vegetables, fruits, beans, baking supplies,etc...i organize piles, but then leave the piles...i bring my shoes into my room, but don't put them in the closet....
how's the "to do list" coming?