Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Real Life

Yesterday was our first introduction back into real life. I wonder what I will begin to look forward to next. A whole year was dedicated to looking forward to Hawaii, and I doubt we will have another big vacation like that for a while. For now, we are just living in the present and enjoying this final year of dental school! Yikes, I guess this next year will be far from boring.

So, I headed off to work, while Richard headed to his first day of his externship. He will be at the local Veterans' Hospital for the next 3 weeks, practicing dentistry, working 8-5 just like me (well, actually he works 8-4), and enjoying the experience.

I'm making a shutterfly book of our Hawaii pictures and it is turning out pretty cool! I got the idea from a friend in our flock. If you do have an interest in seeing more of our pictures, however, you can follow these links:

Hawaii continued
Hawaii continued again


Anonymous said...

Even though it may not be quite as exciting as Hawaii we WELCOME you back!!

If you get all of your organization done, please feel free to come and help with mine. : )

I am thoroughly enjoying the Hawaii pictures.

Love- Joan

j'net said...

loved the pictures heather! thanks for sharing with those of us that refuse to join facebook!