Thursday, July 10, 2008

New Shoes

Last night, I got these:

Richard also got a pair, but his aren't fuchsia.

I'm not gonna lie, I did not want to get these shoes. Over and over in our reading on Hawai'i we found this sentence: We recommend that you get a pair of reef shoes to wear in the water because there are sharp stones, coral, and even little animals.

So, we decided to go check it out. I was looking at the array of shoes before me and thinking, "Why spend money on these shoes that I will NEVER wear again?" Nonetheless, I tried the only size 6 1/2 on the table. They were an ookey brown color, but they fit. So, I asked him to bring me any style he had in a 6 1/2. Sometimes it is good to have small feet because you don't get many options to choose from! He brought a black, blue, ookey brown/red, and fuchsia. I tried on the fuchsia and I was sold. They were so comfy and, I have to say, they look pretty cute on my little feet! They will be perfect for hiking and playing in the water in Hawaii. And, I know I will wear them when we get back to Nebraska, too!

We are almost ready. Just a few more errands to run, a little more cleaning at the apartment, packing and we are set to go. I really, really can't believe 48 hours we will begin traveling to O'ahu!

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steph said...

ha! i bought a pair of Keen's (not sandals) for a trip to Europe and was the same way thought I'd never wear them again - but they are so comfy and I wear them all winter!!! hope yours treated you well in Hawaii!