Monday, July 7, 2008

Fireworks, food, etc.

What a weekend! Here's the recap.

Thursday night we bought our own fireworks. We went to the Clabaugh II's residence to shoot them off, since we aren't allowed at the apartment complex. Our neighbors, Garrett & Johnna, came along too. We had some artillery shells, a couple fountains, some really cool spinny things, and, of course, sparklers!

One of the artillery shells

Richard, me, Johnna

On Friday, Richard and I started the day by playing some tennis. I think we are improving! It was fun to get out and be active. We were out there for about 2 hours and I took away a mild sunburn on my neck and extremely sore muscles the next day! That wore us out and we went home and took a nap. We went over to some friends' house for supper, which was awesome and then went to the fireworks at Oak Lake with our neighbors. It was a really good show and it was perfect weather.

Richard, me, Garrett, Johnna

On Saturday, Richard had a 6:54am tee-time. It was raining and thundering; so, after 2 holes, they re-scheduled for that afternoon. I went to get a much-needed, long-awaited pedicure with Laura and her sister, Audrey. My feet are now Hawaii-ready.

We had a flock party on Saturday night at the Grosse's house. Once again, great food. They had a great patio with tiki-torches and we played catch-phrase.

Sunday was a relax-day. After church, we had lunch with the Clabaugh family and then went home and napped the entire afternoon away - oops! Richard got together with a friend and I cleaned. I inherited my mom's desire to have a super clean house before leaving on vacation. It is so nice to come home to a clean house! I should only have to do a little straightening up on Friday night.

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Anonymous said...

Reads like this 4th definitely added to your "memories!" Great times with your hubby and friends. : )

WOW my toes are in hiding as they really need a pedicure but it is NOT going to happen before they leave on vacation. Oh well, maybe when we get back.

Rick and I smile thinking of you two enjoying yourselves in Hawaii. We know that you will create fabulous memories.

I will be checking "Duke" out on beach just in case you pass by! Come on . . . you knew I had to say that. : )

Love- Joan