Wednesday, July 9, 2008

A Long Week

This should be a fast week. I have lots to do at work and at home. Instead, the hours slowly pass while I am at work and at home. is only Wednesday, but it feels like Thursday. It has to be because we are looking forward to seeing Ryan and Martha on Saturday. It hasn't helped that the weather has been kind of a drag this week. Really muggy and hot.

But, the summer has flown by, overall and here is a glimpse of what is happening when we return to the mainland:

July 28th - Richard starts his externship at the VA hospital in town. This lasts 3 weeks (thru Aug 15th)

August 3-4 - My youngest brother, Jake, will move to Lincoln and my parents will be here helping him move in (not with us, on campus).

August 9 - Mom's Birthday
August 15 - Dad's Birthday

August 25th - Richard starts his last fall semester of dental school. Whoa baby!

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