Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Happy Anniversary To Us!

Today is our 2nd wedding anniversary and I am trying to decide if the time has flown by or not. In one respect I feel like we just got married a few months ago and in another I feel like we have known each other forever and can hardly remember not being married. All that to say, it has been a great 2 years and our 3rd year should be another exciting one.

I'm not going to get sappy in this post, or take a walk down memory lane. Not many people can remember what they did on their second anniversary, but I have no doubts this one will be remembered for a long time!

We are so excited to be in Hawaii. Today is our last full day, although our plane doesn't leave until 8:10pm tomorrow. I am sad that our time is coming to an end, but I knew it wouldn't last forever. I think O'ahu is a great island, and we both decided that if we ever lived here, we would probably live in a neigborhood in the mountains and visit the beach regularly. There is definitely a different "feel" here, yet they live life just as we do. We went to the mall yesterday and the stores are similar. Althought they have a lot of "name" brand stores (2 Louis Vitton, 2 Prada, Lacoste, Gucci, 2 Tiffany's, etc), they also have normal department stores, like Macy's & Sears. It is just another state, with a different history, which shapes the layout and culture. I think of it as: if we lived in Colorado Springs, our children would probably grow up skiing from very young. If we lived in Hawai'i, our children would probably grow up surfing from very young.

Too many words for one post! We have dinner reservations at a Hy's, a steakhouse. Richard and I aren't really seafood type people, but the best cuisine here is seafood (imagine that!). I have tried mahi-mahi and another white fish and I must say that it was wonderfully good. I am just not sure about ordering it for myself yet. Therefore, we found the best steakhouse on the island, and are going to try it out. I'm getting hungry already!

I have told you the flowers are vibrant and gorgeous here, so I decided to end this boring post with some of those pictures.

Plumeria, which is what they make the lei's from (both above & below).


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Abby McNair said...

cool flower pics feath - are those birds of paradise?

Anonymous said...


Love - Mom/Joan

Richard and Heather said...

No clue what they are Abby, but it sounds good to me :)

Laura said...

awesome flowers! they are so beautiful. sounds like you're having a fantastic time! i can't wait to see all your pictures! friday night maybe?

Josh and Erin said...

Happy Anniversary a Day late!!!!!!! :)

Dr. and Mrs. Thomas said...

pretty much been thinking 'what are they doing now??' since we left. and today is your last day...but you're just waking up right now cause it's freakin 6 hours later here.

hope the steak was good to you!
cant' wait to see the pics from the last few days...you should add those to the cd too. =) and all the flower shots.

huli huli!!