Monday, March 30, 2009

Historic travels

I love traveling to places of history. Specifically early American to the Civil War time period. And, ancient history! Thinking about different peoples in different times walking on the same ground as I am, gets me so excited.

I think about what it was like then. How was it different? What did it look like before all the modern conveniences were around? What did they struggle with? How did they live? What did they think about? It adds a dimension to travelling and it makes history seem more real to me.

I experienced this in Rome, especially at the collesium and walking through the Roman Forum. I remember thinking, People actually came here. They walked these streets hundreds of years ago living a life completely different than mine.

My dad is in Israel right now. How amazing would that be? To be in the middle east where civilization actually began. To realize that so much of the most important historical events took place all around you. To see places that the Bible actually refers to would put a visual perspective on what we read and believe.

Am I just crazy to enjoy this stuff? Is there anywhere you want to travel purely for historical purposes?


Melissa Marsh said...

Nope, you're not crazy at all! I am a history junkie! That's mainly why I wanted to go to England again, was to see and experience all that history. That's basically why I take vacations - to see the history of a place. :-)

Shanle's said...

i'd love to go to israel and see all the places the bible talks about... it'd be so amazing and surreal to walk that path... hmm...