Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Having some fun.

I saw a picture of the Shanle's at Christmastime. I thought it was pretty cool and went home to try and copy it. After many failed attempts, I realized I didn't look at the picture closely enough and had no idea what to do. Last night, they demonstrated the skill and Hubs went home and tried it ourselves.

I just could seem to get my arms straightened out fast enough for the timer on the camera, but you get the picture.

We had some fun with this and got to where Hubs could just balance me with his feet and I could pretend I was Superwoman. But in the Clabaugh competitive spirit, we had to try and one-up the "Shanle Stance."

So, we did it backwards!
I'm so glad you are back in town, Shanle's.


Anonymous said...

impressive!!! Love- Joan

Shanle's said...

thatta girl!! =)

have fun in atlanta!!

Laura said...

this is soo funny! :) i am totally going to try to lift justin. i'll try to take a picture.

saw your poll - sorry i rarely comment. but since i have google reader i do read all your posts! :)