Thursday, February 12, 2009

Why I like shoes.

I prefer shoes to any other article of clothing. Yes, I consider shoes clothing. This was confirmed in my mind today when I received pants that I order online.

To make a long story short, I tried on a pair of great pants at the mall in KC. They were giant, but still very cute. Since the store doesn't carry their smaller sizes in the length that my short legs need, I went home and ordered 2 pairs in 2 separate sizes in 2 separate colors. They both came, I tried them on and liked the color of the pair that, of course, didn't fit. Back to the online store to order the size and color I wanted, while sending back both pair of pants. The new pants came today and still don't fit. So, now I will have to go back to the actual store, return these, buy a size that fits up top and have them hemmed. Sigh.

Unfortunately, this is the story of my life and leads to why I like shoes:

1. My size is usually the display shoe. Instead of waiting for the sales lady (who has been stalking me since I walked in the store) to bring me the size I need, I can just try them on as I please.

2. Shoes don't remind me that I have hips and thighs.

3. I am always a size 6. I don't have to worry about finding "shorts" or "petites." I don't have to get them hemmed. I don't have to take 4 different pair into the dressing room to see which one fits.

4. They do not disappoint. After trying them on, I don't have to put them back because NOT ONE pair actually fit. Instead I usually put them back because they are too expensive.

5. Shoes look good no matter how bloated I feel. And when those bloated days do feet don't hang over the edge of shoes.

6. Shoes are the only thing for which I really ever get compliments.

7. They can be fun or practical; serious or flashy. They can set the style of your entire outfit.

8. They fit. Other clothes depend on the day, the month, the store, the brand, the fabric, the wash, the color, the size, the hem, the inseam, the waist, the hips, the etc.; and then when you wash them at home...who knows what will happen.

For those of you who can actually buy clothes off the rack, you cannot truly understand why I like shoes. I will continue to to get excited about the only thing that truly fits - shoes.


Jeanette said...

you should be a shoe salesman!!! :)

Ruth said...

Heath - If all you had to buy were shoes where would be the fun of going shopping with you!!!