Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Electronic Entertainment

Today is February 17th: the original day for the switch to DTV. I don't know how anyone could have missed the announcement. For over a year, our local tv stations have made sure we knew about this switch. Hubs and I chose to do nothing about it. I will admit that I was somewhat looking forward to seeing what life without TV would be like.

For one thing, I wouldn't have the temptation to sit down and watch TV after a long day instead of working out. Which was happening quite frequently, especially with the colder weather.

And, if we needed a TV show fix, we could pop in the "24" DVDs since we have only watched the first season so far.

And, for the one show that I am really going to miss - "The Amazing Race" - I can catch that over my lunch hour online at cbs.com.

I wasn't too worried about losing my TV channels, except for my morning news. My morning routine includes watching the local news and making fun of the local weather girl and I knew I was going to miss that. However, I had planned to just turn on the radio instead.

And, who really needs TV when we have a wii?

I haven't gotten into Nintendo since my brothers sold our Super Nintendo years ago. But lately, I can spend hours playing Mario Kart and Wii Fit. Hubs and I are becoming quite the racers. We've opened up 3 new racing cups and are dominating the race track. We are also beginning to sound like Jr. High video gamers while we play - okay, maybe that's just me.

I am probably a ton of fun to watch play. I can't just sit still while I'm driving. I get my whole body into every turn, bump, and jump. Hubs can play without the steering wheel. Not me, I need it to really get into the race.

So, I was ready for the switch and our local TV stations said that, despite the government's decision to extend the deadline, they were sticking to February 17th as the day.

Well, it ends up we only lost 1 of our 4 TV stations today - CBS, aka "The Amazing Race" channel. And after all those preparations we made to be ready for the switch...


Anonymous said...

So Heather are you the little blonde on the motorcycle?
lol JC

Jeanette said...

that is funny that it's the only channel that you wanted is gone! kudos to you both for not getting sucked into dvrs and watching hour after hour of shows that you can fast forward through the commericals now, so they are not as long - hey that's like finding a sale on something and saving :) time or money that's what i always say.
i always pick time - what would you pick?
sorry, my brain must be still recooping :)