Thursday, February 19, 2009

Scamming season

Answering the company's main phone line provides for many irritating, but humorous situations. I hear the phrase, uh yeah, you called me, at least once a day. I hear a lot of electronic telemarketer and debt collectors schpeels. But the people that irritate me the most, are the scammers.

Last year I dealt with them, too, but I was waaaaay more nervous. They are pretty persistent buggers calling almost everyday in an effort to get the model number off of our copier. Here is how a normal conversation goes with them (this week):

Me: Company name, this is Heather.

Scammer: Hi Heather, this is Ted. How are you doing today? **Notice he did not give out the name of his business - #1 clue it's a scammer.**

Me (I play along): I'm fine. How are you?

Scammer: Oh great. Hey, we are just going through and updating our records. It looks like we need the model number off of your copy machine. Do you know where that is and could you get it for me?

Me: Sure. Well, could you tell me again what company you from?

Click. Dial tone.

That's right. THEY HANG UP ON ME because they know they I caught-em. I can just see it written in their script book: if asked what company you are from, hang up immediately! I think they should try a different tactic, because that makes them look even more fishy than before.

They will try this story for a couple of weeks at different times of the day until they realize I won't budge and nobody else is answering the phone. Then, they will try something new. Last year they actually got to the point of telling me they were from the repair company that we use when the printers need fixed. In other words, they flat-out LIE to me - which really gets my blood a-boilin'.

So, bring it on scammers. I'm ready for you this year!


Shanle's said...

So call me silly, but what are they trying to get from you??

Anonymous said...

They try to be so clever! I like it when I say well if I could have your number and then there is a click. We actually know of a few people who gave out the info and then "surprise" they received a box full of toners with an invoice saying they ordered them!

The Feather Files said...

Sarah, they send you toner once they know what kind of printer you have. And they charge you for it. Do you remember when Melissa worked here. They tricked her and she ended up with toner and an invoice for $500!!!

Audrey said...

you could really have some fun with these people...