Tuesday, February 24, 2009


You all are way too smart.

A. I don't weigh 117 pounds.

B. Ironically, my parents used to force me to make my bed. In my mind, there were many more important things than making beds and picking up clothes. I'm sure my parents feared for my future husband's sanity and invisioned my future home being a disaster. Today, I must have the bed made before getting into it at night. No matter if that means making it at 7:30am or 9:55pm...it has to be made before I go to bed.

C. I am not pregnant, but I like to mess with your minds. Although, I guess it really didn't work. You're right...I probably would tell most of you in person first, and then announce it to the blogging world.

D. We really did watch 8 episodes of 24 this weekend. Time that should have been spent cleaning, doing laundry, and other profitable tasks in order to keep my life less stressful during the week was spent lounging with Hubs on the couch and after each episode saying....let's just watch one more. I think that line is straight from "How to determine if you're addicted 101."

E. Probably due to letter "D," the garbage disposal reeks. Bad. I spent some quality time this morning attempting to fix this very problem.

F. I didn't lose my cell phone, but I thought I lost it for a good 4 hours on Saturday. It was on the counter. Right, smack-dab in front of my face.

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