Monday, February 16, 2009

And the saga continues

We were at the gas station Saturday evening. Fillin' up the truck. Hubs starts putting gas in the tank, but instead of going into the gas tank, it just spills right onto the ground. Odd. Hubs tells me and I immediately get mad at Dakota (the truck). I mean, every 3 weeks something new comes up and he needs fixed again. What's the deal? We give him plenty of attention and drive time. This is ridiculous.

Hubs pays for the gas that we pumped on the ground, and takes a look under the truck. It wasn't Dakota's fault. Somebody had cut out a 8-10" piece of the gas line and, most likely, siphoned gas directly from the tank!

What kind of a person does something like that? It's not good enough to suck someone's gas out that they paid for, but you have to actually cause the person to pay over $100 to fix the mess you made.

After talking with the police officer, Hubs found out that we weren't the first victims of this type of vandalism at our apartment complex. Two days earlier, someone else reported the exact same instance. I guess that made us feel a little better.


Dr. and Mrs. Thomas said...

WOW. that's messed up. why didn't this happen when it was like $4 per gallon??

some people.

Audrey said...

crap like that makes you feel so violated!!

Leslie said...

That's horrible! Can't believe stuff like this happens. Ugh!

Jeanette said...

i'm so sorry. that stinks! sounds like you are getting personally attached to this problem truck.
"wasn't Dakota's fault" ""we give him plenty of attention".
love it!

Melissa Marsh said...

Oh wow. How awful. (Glad it wasn't the truck's fault, though. ;P)