Friday, February 13, 2009

V-Day creativity

Tomorrow is V-Day, one of my least favorite holidays. It compels those with significant others to spend money, time, or creativity to show their love - something they should be doing all throughout the year. And for those without anyone special in their life, it reminds them of that very fact.

On the positive side, however, it does remind us to show those we love just how much they mean to us.

One year, when Hubs and I were dating, I had a sudden streak of creativity. I snuck into his room and attached a lot of pink, white, and red hearts to his wall. Most of them had reasons why I love him and some were just blank. In the evening we had a picnic on his floor. It was a fun time.

In what creative way, on V-Day or other times, have you shown your love to someone?


Sam and Abby McNair said...

Sam really likes to eat, so I have made him plenty of 'new' recipes over the past 5 years. I sent him on a scavenger hunt once. I used to leave notes in his pants pockets:) sometimes he finds them and sometimes I wash them first:)

I'm not very good at keeping secrets, so I usually spoil the surprise... fun post feath!

Jeanette said...

we make valentine's day simple...card or flowers but just spending time together with the one i love.