Tuesday, February 10, 2009

I've got big plans and they don't include becoming a blob.

Ever since I learned to form opinions, which was very early on in life, I decided that I would probably work forever. I had no idea how one keeps themself busy at home all day. And, I knew that I would go insane being confined to my home without anyone to talk to. The silence would probably kill me. The interaction alone from a job is enough of an incentive to work.

And so, I have worked for the past 10 years and been very happy. Throughout school I had part-time jobs; and, for the past 3 years I have worked full-time. Just recently the thought of being job-less in 3 months has become exciting to me.

The question arises, What will you do all day long without a job? Well, I will by no means become a big ol' blob. I've got plans.

I would like to finish my bachelor's degree. I was so indecisive in college. I changed my major numerous times and ended up taking plenty of classes, but not the right ones to graduate. So, it looks like I will be taking classes online to finish. And, I won't just be taking a class here and there, I will load up on the course work to finish as fast as possible. This is the first time I will be taking classes without balancing a job.

I will be able to work out in the morning! I hope to start my mornings with a run or with a trip to the Y. Not since college, have I been able to regularly work-out in the morning. Instead, I have been trying to fit it in after work. Can't wait.

And, all those women's ministries and Bible studies I hear about but immediately forget because they are during the day...I'll be able to participate in those!

I'll also be busy getting our home organized from the move. I will actually get to think about, and plan, and prepare supper. And grocery shop on a weekday??? That must be a treat! As we get to know people and learn about our community, I hope to get involved in other ways, too. And, I have one more plan that I cannot share yet (NO, it is not getting pregnant). If it works out, it will be a great way to keep up some skills and earn some extra income.

Unfortunately, these are all just plans right now. That is the easy part. The part that takes effort on my part will happen when we get to our new home and it is time to put these plans in action. I'm excited, though, for what could and what will be!


Melissa Marsh said...

It sounds so exciting! Are you guys going to buy a house?

Audrey said...

There is ALWAYS something to do running a household! I will say it's awesome to not have a "job" dictating your schedule and I'm sure you'll enjoy being able to get all the groceries, cleaning etc done while Richard's at work instead of on evenings and weekends right?? and if you do get everything done, you could actually have time to read, like meaningful, things to last an eternity. (mowing the lawn, planting flowers, washing the car, now I want spring) then of course once babies come along....you will be a nursing blob for a while :)