Monday, June 23, 2008

The weekend in review

Friday at 2:00pm. Phone rings. "Haberfeld Associates, this is Heather." "Hey Babe." It's Richard. I ask him what he is going to do this afternoon. "I'm thinking about going to the pool." I pout. I want to go too, I say; I wish I could take off the rest of the afternoon. 10 seconds later, the email is sent and I am off for the day. 2 hours swimming and reading a book in the sun. A great way to end a rather long, exhausting week. Friday night we spent a great evening with friends eating and playing cards.

Saturday morning I met my friend, Laura, at the Farmer's Market at 8:15. We stocked up on veggies, looked at some really cute purses, and made it to Bible study by 9am. We are studying the names of God. There are so many and they all describe Him. It should be a great study and it just started if anyone would like to come along. I got my hair cut after that. Shorter than I thought I would go, but I like it. You should see the stub of a ponytail I now have! After a nice long nap, I went to the grocery store and then picked up Indian food for supper. It was a good day.

On Sunday Richard and I got a chance to help in the 3-yr old Sunday School class and we will be doing this for 3 other weeks this summer too. Our job was to keep the attention on the teacher and not on touching other people. I would say that it was fun, but definitely work. They were cute kids and who says kids can't know their verse and Bible story? These kids had it down pat! Sunday afternoon included another nap, another trip to the pool, laundry, and leftover Indian food. It was a nice, relaxing weekend.

Richard has 2 finals this week and we took his truck in to get some work done this morning. Other than that, we are just counting down the days to our vacation....19, by the way.

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