Friday, June 20, 2008


I am totally copying this from someone else's blog for a lack of creativity on my part, yet a strong urge to post something today.

I am: excited for vacation this year.
I think: a lot.
I know: that I will be in heaven someday.
I want: a dog.
I have: a huge imagination.
I wish: I could take the rest of the day off.
I plan: to graduate from college someday.
I hate: it when people over-react before getting details.
I miss: big trees, everywhere.
I fear: worms of all shapes, types, and sizes.
I feel: content.
I hear: the Eagles on my i-tunes.
I smell: my cocoa butter lotion.
I crave: iced tea.
I search: for my keys alot.
I wonder: where we will be next year at this time.
I regret: sins in the past, but praise God for his grace and forgiveness.
I love: to read.
I hope: to write a book someday.
I ache: to go on a shopping trip with Ruth.
I always: hang my towel over the shower bar in the morning so it will dry.
I am not: an athletic person.
I believe: God's word is truth.
I dance: only in the privacy of my own apartment, and then Richard usually laughs.
I sing: in the shower.
I cry: when I'm tired.
I don’t always: express myself clearly.
I fight: when I am riled up about something.
I write: to express my thoughts.
I never: say "I never..." anymore because it always happens.
I need: a pedicure.


Abby McNair said...

love it...

Anonymous said...

Hey BRING ON THE SHOPPING TRIP!! We still did not get one in before Hawaii! Ruth